Brands win 

when they know

what makes buyers tick

Brands win when they know what makes buyers tick

Choice Hacking helps you learn how to use psychology & behavioral science to create soulful, simple, and salient marketing.

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You may have spotted us in:

You may have spotted us in:


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 Hello and Welcome! 👋 
My name is Jen Clinehens, I'm the founder of Choice Hacking.
I created this site with the mission to help 100M marketers and entrepreneurs supercharge their work using marketing psychology and behavioral science. 

After years spent perfecting customer experiences for global brands like AT&T, McDonald's, and Adidas, I saw first-hand how marketing psychology & behavioral science could help:

✅ Change customer behavior
✅ Create more effective and meaningful experiences 
✅ Inspire new products
✅ Empower creativity
And more...

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Thank you Jennifer Clinehens for sharing the insights of your job, inspire other people and let them grow, personally and professionally! (Translated from French)

- Alessandro B.

Thank you Jennifer Clinehens for giving us top-notch material on marketing psychology and inspiring me... definitely follow Jennifer and learn from her content as well! 💯


- Nandini A.

🧠 I’m a total geek for user & behavioral psychology’s application to various brand experiences — and Jennifer Clinehens’ Choice Hacking is a treasure trove of gems 💎

- Lacey B.

Loving the latest from Jennifer Clinehens [Choice Hacking], if you aren't following her and love psychology and branding you are missing out. #branding #psychology

- Becca L.

The Gucci of behavioural science & marketing podcasts. Does that say it all? Jen's content is incredible... Perfect for busy pro's. Practical and entertaining.


- Ruth D.

This weekend I dived into one of the most well-structured books I came across this year about human behaviour - ⚡ Choice Hacking by 👉 Jennifer Clinehens

Actionable and insightful, this book should be on the desk of every entrepreneur and decision-maker. 

- Gabriel B.

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