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Psychology & Behavioral Science are like jet fuel for customer experience.

Choice Hacking resources make applied behavioral science simple and practical.

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Hello and Welcome! 👋
Jen Clinehens headshot
My name is Jen Clinehens, I'm the founder and managing director of Choice Hacking.
In 2021, I created this site with the mission to help 100M marketers, user experience folks, and entrepreneurs (ethically) supercharge their work with psychology and behavioral science. 

After years spent perfecting omni-channel customer experiences for global brands like AT&T, McDonald's, and Adidas, I saw first-hand how science could amplify best-in-class strategies to:

✅ Change customer behavior
✅ Create more effective and meaningful experiences 
✅ Inspire new products
✅ Empower creativity

And more...

When I was coming up, there wasn't a lot of reliable or inspiring content out there for business-minded folks to apply these principles, so I started writing some blog posts to help my clients better understand these principles. Those posts caught fire and a few short years later Choice Hacking was born! 

Some places you might've spotted our experts:

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