[eBook] 25 Cognitive Biases and How to Use Them to Make Better Decisions in Life, Work, and Experience Design

Jennifer Clinehens

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Hi everyone! 

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I wanted to share this eBook I’ve created exclusively for Choice Hacking subscribers. “25 Cognitive Biases and How to Use Them to Make Better Decisions (in work, life, and experience design)” defines the cognitive biases below and how to design for them. It includes definitions and questioning strategies to overcome:

  1. Self-serving Bias
  2. Affect Heuristic
  3. Halo Effect
  4. Groupthink
  5. Sunk Cost Fallacy
  6. Overconfidence
  7. Confirmation Bias
  8. Loss Aversion
  9. Dunning-Kruger Effect
  10. Optimism Bias
  11. Hindsight Bias
  12. Planning Fallacy
  13. Mere Exposure Effect
  14. Normalcy Bias
  15. In-group Favoritism
  16. Hyperbolic Discounting
  17. Anchoring Bias
  18. Illusion of Control
  19. Survivorship Bias
  20. Endowment Effect
  21. Narrative Bias
  22. FOMO
  23. Actor/Observer Bias
  24. Gambler’s Fallacy
  25. Cashless Effect

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