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Website Examples

Website Examples

Below you'll find the Example Vault sorted by Website examples - stay tuned, this Vault will be updated regularly.

Example Vault: Websites

Social Proof: ScoutIQ
Social Proof: Van Halen
IKEA Effect: My Starbucks Idea
Goal Gradient: Rdio
Power of Free: Walmart+
Framing Effect: Walmart+
Confirmation Bias: Mailchimp
Scarcity: Booking
Scarcity: Amazon
Scarcity: eBay
Liking: Alamo Drafthouse
Liking: ToBox
Reciprocity: DuoLingo
Reciprocity: GoToMeeting
Reciprocity: Creative Market
Social Proof: OptinMonster
Social Proof: UserEcho
Social Proof: Amazon Best Sellers
Social Proof: Amazon Reviews