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Can you spot the difference? Apple vs IBM

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🧠 Can you spot the difference between these two ads?

On the left - IBM:
- Presents a rational argument based on the brand's reputation
- Shares a list of logical points designed to persuade
- Shows one image of a man in a suit, looking relaxed

On the right - Apple:
- Headline makes an emotional connection right away
- Shares a transformational story about overcoming fears
- Lots of imagery of emotional benefits (kids drawing, saying hello)

These two ads might be older, but they have a lot to teach us about marketing (and writing) that resonates with people.

Work stands out when it's:
- Emotional language
- Narrative-driven
- Tells a transformational story

At Choice Hacking it's what we call "soulful" marketing - it makes customers feel something and that drives attention, memory, and action.

If you want to create soulful marketing start by asking yourself:

  • How emotional and evocative is our language? 
  • Do we acknowledge the emotional benefits of using our product or service?
  • Does our imagery reflect the best use of our product or the most emotional use?
  • Are we telling an emotional, transformative story? Or are we focused on getting our product benefits across as completely as possible (like IBM)?

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