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Jones Road Beauty: Email Psychology Breakdown

minute read

🧠 This welcome email from Jones Road Beauty has a lot to love (and some things I'd change). Here's the psychology behind what works & what doesn't 👇

You can watch the video breakdown below, or keep reading for a summary. 

1. Subject Line

"Don't forget to break the seal"

✅ This subject line speaks to a common pain point with this viral product - if you don’t “break the seal” on the Jones Road Miracle Balm, you won’t have a good product experience (something unique to this product).

❌ No personalization in the subject line: Some low-hanging fruit worth testing.

🧠 Cocktail Party Effect: We pay more attention to personal and personalized information, like our names.

2. Header Image / Gif

✅ This header image is a gif of the Miracle Balm’s seal being broken, so customers immediately understand what to do and how. The use of the product is a big pain point for customers because it's unique to this product - and if you don't break the seal, your product experience will be a poor one. 

🧠 Picture Superiority Effect: Images convey more meaning and are more easily understood than words.

3. CTA ("Watch Bobbi Break the Seal")

✅ Bobbi Brown - the famous makeup artist - is the face and creative force behind Jones Road.

A personal connection with Bobbi is important because her involvement is what attracts many folks to this brand.

❌ When you follow this link it doesn’t actually show Bobbi breaking the seal. It goes to an IG reel showing the different shades of Miracle Balm.

Parasocial Relationships: These are one-sided relationships that form between an audience and performers (or in this case, a celebrity make-up artist).

4. Body Copy

❌ There’s no spatula included with the product, and this section of the email made me look through my order to see if I had missed it - a disappointing experience that could be avoided with a bit of personalization.

4. Bottom Section

✅ Nice bit of personal connection here with a CTA to join the Facebook group.

❌ This is potentially distracting to include in the email - depending on the priority this would be stronger as a standalone email (especially as there seems to be a repetition of emails that address this “break the seal” pain point in their Welcome journey).  Something worth testing. 

Choice Hacking 3S Framework Score:

🎯 Simple: Is this email easy to navigate - is it clear what I need to do next?

⭐ 4/5 This email is about product education, not a hard CTA.

The design is a bit crowded and the CTA itself ("Watch Bobbi break the seal") isn't actually paid off. But it's now clear how I'm supposed to use the product.

🧠 Salient:
Is this email easy to pay attention to and remember?

⭐ 4/5 The headline gif image is salient and eye-catching.

The header gif does so much heavy lifting that the rest of the email isn't really necessary.

❤️ Soulful:
Is this email easy to love and emotionally engaging?

⭐ 3/5 The personal connection isn't here for me in this email.

Legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown is the face of the brand, so I would've liked to see more of her face/name/presence in this welcome email.


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