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The Choice Hacking Philosophy: How we use psychology, behavioral science, and AI to grow brands

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Over my 20+ years of working with startups, scale-ups, and brands like McDonald's, AT&T, Adidas, and Starbucks I've developed the Choice Hacking Philosophy. This is an approach to marketing and advertising that's built on behavioral science and marketing psychology techniques, the latest marketing effectiveness research, and a pragmatic approach to growing a business for the long-term. 

These principles guide our courses, community, coaching, and consulting work to help marketers and entrepreneurs avoid "random acts of marketing" and instead approach the practice in a more systematic and evidence-based way that empowers creativity. 

Choice Hacking's Core Principles: 

  1. We don’t chase algorithms or trends. Instead, we focus on what doesn’t change - the human brain. That’s why we start every engagement by deeply understanding what makes your buyers tick (and how why algorithms and trends serve our clients, not box them in).
  2. We design evidence-based customer experiences using our Choice Hacking Triple S Blueprint™: Simple, Salient, Soulful marketing that delivers value to customers. 
  3. Your marketing has to deliver in the real world, so we design for what people actually do (not what we wish they would do). The best marketing campaign or product on Earth will fail if it can't grab attention or engage people. 
  4. The customer decides if marketing is “good” - not the business. Everything in business is ultimately a hypothesis that needs to be tested, so we balance professional expertise with customer-generated evidence using our Rock Solid Pre-Testing™ approach.
  5. Your biggest competitor isn't another brand. Its your buyers' default behavior. Nike's biggest competitor is the couch. Netflix's biggest competitor is sleep. Spotify's biggest competitor is silence. That’s why making and breaking habits is critical to your product’s success.
  6. We believe investing in marketing is like buying a stock. It takes time to show its value, but its value  compounds - creating exponential growth over time. 
  7. We never sacrifice a long-term relationship for a one-time sneaky sale. That means using behavioral science and marketing psychology in ways that promote healthy, ethical relationships between brands and consumers. 

When we use these principles to help you figure out what makes your buyers tick, support your growth with 1-2-1 and group coaching or a self-directed course, or empower your teams with bespoke workshops and training, we ensure our work: 

  • Puts the client's growth first - your short and long-term success is also our success.
  • Champions creativity, without losing sight of marketing's commercial objectives.
  • Empowers innovative problem-solving founded on experience and pragmatism.  

Despite our name (Choice Hacking), we don't believe that "marketing hacks" or shortcuts are the way to true business growth. What we do believe is that, just like a computer, the human brain is an operating system that manages resources, processes information, and has principles governing how it behaves. And marketers, leaders, and entrepreneurs need to understand how that operating system works to ethically influence it. 

About the author

Jen Clinehens, MS/MBA

Hi đź‘‹ I'm Jen Clinehens (MS, MBA) the founder and Managing Director of Choice Hacking.

I started Choice Hacking in 2021 to help marketers and entrepreneurs figure out what makes buyers tick, and elevate their work using behavioral science, marketing psychology, and AI.

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