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The Choice Hacking Triple S Blueprint™: Why Simple, Salient, and Soulful Experience Win

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Over my 20+ years of working with startups, scale-ups, and brands like McDonald's, AT&T, Adidas, and Starbucks I've developed the Choice Hacking Triple S Blueprint™. This is an approach to marketing that's built on behavioral science and marketing psychology techniques, the latest marketing effectiveness research, and a pragmatic approach to growing a business for the long-term. 

These principles guide our courses, community, coaching, and consulting work to help marketers and entrepreneurs avoid "random acts of marketing" and instead approach the practice in a more systematic and evidence-based way that empowers creativity. 

Choice Hacking Triple S Blueprint™

The Choice Hacking Triple S Blueprint™ says that Simple, Salient, and Soulful experiences win.

  • 🎯 Simple: Is this website easy to navigate and understand? Is it clear what I need to do next?
  • 🧠 Salient: Are the critical usability elements (CTAs, buttons, etc.) and messages easy to understand, notice, and remember?
  • ❤️ Soulful: Is this website emotionally engaging? Does it create an emotional bond or experience with its users?

You've probably spotted our Triple S Blueprint™ logo in various places across the site: 

Creating Simple, Salient, and Soulful customer experiences has proven business impact:

  • Simple experiences drive brand value, with the simplest publicly traded brands outperforming the market by 686% since 2009. (Siegel & Gale Brand Simplicity Index)
  • Salient: 66% of customers say they prefer meaningful experiences but 92% of companies fail to even deliver on basic customer experience promises. (McKinsey Report, 2018)
  • Soulful: 91% of customers are willing to advocate for businesses which they associate positive emotions and 92% are more likely to stay loyal. (Deloitte Digital)

If you want to grow your business with the power of marketing psychology, behavioral science, AI and the Triple S Blueprint™, learn more about the Choice Hacking Philosophy or check out my coursescommunitycoaching, and consulting offerings. 

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Jen Clinehens, MS/MBA

Hi 👋 I'm Jen Clinehens (MS, MBA) the founder and Managing Director of Choice Hacking.

I started Choice Hacking in 2021 to help marketers and entrepreneurs figure out what makes buyers tick, and elevate their work using behavioral science, marketing psychology, and AI.

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