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The Choice Hacking team believes in the power of art, combined with science. Their mission is to create effective and emotional customer experiences using the power of behavioral science and psychology.

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Jennifer Clinehens

Jennifer Clinehens is currently CX Strategy Director at Havas CX Helia, London, where she uses behavioral science and psychology to improve the customer experience for brands like Lloyds Banking Group and Compare the Market. She holds an MBA in marketing from Emory University and a Masters in Brand Management from the VCU Brandcenter.

Ms. Clinehens has helped create experiences using behavioral science for brands like McDonald's, AT&T, O2, and Adidas across the globe. Originally from the United States, she's lived and worked in the U.S., Australia, and now the U.K. 

Jen is the author of several books, including "Choice Hacking: How to use psychology and behavioral science to create an experience that sings."

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