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Choice Hacking is for people who want to learn why customers do what they do - even if the customers don't know themselves.

Our members strive to design experiences that motivate customers and drive love for their brands with science, not guesswork. Our educational resources are used by professionals from top companies, including: 

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By becoming a member, you'll join other leading minds across dozens of fields in, and related to, experience design. Together we can expand what it means to create experiences that impact people's lives, using behavioral science and psychology.

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Never hunt for examples or inspiration again. The Examples Vault is your one-stop-shop for 160+ (and growing!) examples of behavioral science and psychology at work in real brands. We're adding new examples almost every day.

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All-Access Subscription

Access only to the SINGLE course you purchase.

Unlimited access to ALL COURSES and mini-courses, a $260 USD value (and growing!).

Access only to the SINGLE course you purchase.

Unlimited access to ALL COURSES and mini-courses, a $260 USD value (and growing!).

Content Vault

Ebooks, webinars, exclusive podcasts and more subscribers-only content. 

A year of access to Content Vault and Example Vault - valued at $95 USD/yr.

200+ examples of behavioral science at work in the real world.

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Here's how our products stack up:


All-Access Subscription


- Unlimited access to all courses, a $260.00 USD value (and growing!).

- Content Vault and Example Vault access: $99 value per year.

- Monthly members-only newsletter



How to Create Persuasive Experiences Course

- Lifetime Access to the course