Behavioral Science + Psychology 101 [for Marketers]

A self-paced mini-course to learn the science of how customers think, feel, and act to make your marketing more meaningful and effective.

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Behavioral Science + Psychology 101 [for Marketers]

Learn the science of how customers think, feel, and act to make your marketing more meaningful and effective.

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In this self-paced mini-course, you'll learn the fundamentals of applied behavioral science and psychology for marketing and advertising. By the end of the course, you'll understand:

  • Why we're all (accidental) liars: How our brains really process information, and why you can't always trust what customers tell you. 
  • How to be your customer's first choice, every time: How customers digest information and remember to choose your brand. 
  • 10 Commandments of Psychological Marketing : The most effective behavioral science and psychology principles to start applying now.

This course is tailored for those who work in marketing and advertising, particularly in communications. It's a good fit for marketing managers of all types, customer insights specialists, designers, strategists, and copywriters. 

What's Included:

Interactive Learning

This self-directed course is video-driven and augmented with quizzes, worksheets, and more. You'll practice and engage with the material, so you can start applying it right away. Your instructor is always available for questions and clarification, so you'll never get stuck. 

Customer Psychology Cheatsheet

Keep this handy graphic printed out or saved to your desktop to quickly reference the most common consumer psychology and behavioral science principles. 

Certificate of Completion

Beef up your resume or CV with a Choice Hacking course completion certificate. 

Real-World Examples and Analysis

We won't just talk theory in this course - for every principle you'll get at least five real-world examples of brands applying it, along with analysis to help you use it yourself. 

How Behavioral Science + Psychology Can Perfect Your Marketing

Behavioral science is the study of why people make, and act, on decisions. Psychology helps us understand how people think. 

Both help us get under the skin of why customers do what they do - from paying attention to making decisions, forming opinions, and ultimately choosing to buy. And if you're looking for a skillset that transforms the way you think about customer behavior, behavioral science and psychology are it. 

Behavioral science and psychology can help transform your marketing:

  • Customers will notice, build, and choose your brand over others: When your marketing is more meaningful, it's more persuasive. Behavioral science and psychology can help you create messages that resonate with what customers think, feel, and need on a subconscious level. 
  • Frame creative communications: Designing more meaningful and persuasive marketing comms means understanding how consumers form judgements, what catches their attention, and ultimately what moves them to take action. Behavioral Science and Psychology can help us understand what best messages move customers. 
  • Design “choice architecture”: Choice architecture is the way we present a choice, and how this presentation influences decisions. For example: How many product options do we show? How is the product priced in relation to other products? What language do we use to describe sales and promotions?


"50 Real-World Examples of Behavioral Science and Psychology in Action." This eBook outlines 50 examples of how brands like Peloton, Noom, Calm, Uber, Netflix, Starbucks, DuoLingo, McDonald's, and more apply the principles we'll cover in this mini-course.

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Your Instructor

Founder, Choice hacking

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Jennifer Clinehens, MS / MBA

"After years in the trenches of agency, client-side, and startup roles, I've developed a unique approach to customer experience that leverages Behavioral Science and psychology. My work has spanned continents, industries, digital + retail channels.  

And I've been able to work with some incredible brands like McDonald's, AT&T, Adidas, Starbucks, Compare the Market (UK), Lloyds Banking Group (UK), and more.  

I've also helped bring to life projects featured in publications like:

Adweek • Ad Age • Fast Company • Campaign • The Financial Times • The Wall Street Journal • Variety • Harvard Business Review • Business Insider • Business Week • Forbes • Fortune • CNBC • USA Today • Mashable • PC Mag • CNET • MIT Technology Review • PSFK •

But the thing I'm the proudest of is founding Choice Hacking and building a global community of marketers, CX, UX, and product management folks that want to learn more about using psychology and behavioral science in their work."


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