Customer experiences that change behavior.

The Choice Hacking approach to customer experience is powered by strategic behavioral science frameworks (supercharged with AI) that help you create more effective and meaningful UX, marketing, creative, and content. 

A selection of the brands I've worked with in my career include: 

A selection of brands with which Choice Hacking has recently worked with include:

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Technology changes. People don't.

The Nobel prize-winning concept of "nudging" has taken on a life of its own in marketing and experience design. But nudging's real power emerges when behavioral science and psychology are applied in holistic ways. Augmenting tried and tested tools like customer journey maps, creative development, information architecture, and comms planning.

This holistic approach supercharges creativity, grounds experiences in effectiveness, and can unlock hidden value for brands. 

Supercharged Experiences

Marketers have embraced the potential of behavioral science but are often hamstrung by the very thing that makes it powerful - its academic DNA.

In response, I've created proprietary frameworks born from years of producing tangible customer experience results, acting as a bridge between research and the real world.

Customer Journeys That Sing

The difference between average and extraordinary brands is in journeys that aren't just effective but emotional as well.

A "journey that sings" combines art and science to elevate your experience beyond the basics (but it gets those right, too).

Habits That Transform

Building and changing habits are the highest aims of experience design.

From getting people to exercise or driving sales frequency, digital experiences have the power to transform our lives.

Actions tied with emotional investment are the foundation of habits that stick.

The Long & Short of It

Sure, we all want to drive short term sales. But long-term branding building is a critical ingredient for continued growth.

The Choice Hacking approach uses behavioral science and AI to not only drive short-term sales but build your brand for the long-term. 

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Jennifer Clinehens MS, MBA

Founder, Managing Director

Hi, I'm Jen. I use behavioural science and AI to create meaningful customer experiences. 

After years in the trenches of agency, client-side, and startup roles, I've developed a unique approach that combines Behavioral Science, psychology, AI, CX, data, and user-centered design.

I work across the customer journey - my experience includes digital user experience, product design and innovation, email marketing, digital experiences, all the way to more traditional broadcast, out of home, and in-store experience. 

I've worked on projects featured in:

Adweek • Ad Age • Fast Company • Campaign • The Financial Times • The Wall Street Journal • Variety • Harvard Business Review • Business Insider • Business Week • Forbes • Fortune • CNBC • USA Today • Mashable • PC Mag • CNET • MIT Technology Review • PSFK • and more...

Location & Availability: 

I'm an American expat living in the UK with experience working for Fortune and FTSE 500 brands in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Australia / NZ and Hong Kong. 

My clients are generally located in the US, UK, and Europe and come from brands in all growth phases - from just starting out to scaling up, and all the way to those with billions in annual revenue. 

What people say about working with me...

Thanks to #JenniferClinehens for a very interesting, interactive and concrete training and workshop on #behavorialscience and how to use it to improve our structure of choice and communication and help the consumer to find the right product for their DIY project…

I totally recommend her… so passionate and experienced.

Bruno Derouet

Head of Marketing, Modern Trade EU - Tesa

In scale up, all businesses lean on the guidance of a few select people, and as one of our most valued “friends of Dragonfly” Jen has been instrumental in our growth as a business. ...[With] her unique expertise in the field of human behavioural insight she has also helped us shape how we land DragonflyAI with all our clients. 

We listen carefully when we have time with her, as her insights are second to none, always pragmatic and driven by her years of experience on both brand and agency sides of the fence.

Thank you Jen.

Mark Bainbridge



Mark Bainbridge face

If you have a chance to hire Jen Clinehens and Choice Hacking, do it before your competition does it.

I believe Jen is one of the top consumer experience and behaviour change experts in the business. I worked closely with Jen on building a behaviour change and habit-forming product development strategy for our first digital therapy focused on women with obesity and eating disorders... Jen and her team delivered... like the true professional she is: on time and on budget.... I can say she was a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend her and Choice Hacking."

Michael Bidu

Co-founder and CEO,

MYND Therapeutics Inc.

[Jen] collaborates well across cross functional teams, sees both the big and small picture, and drives towards team success.

Her abilities allow her to communicate effectively across all levels of management, and drive high unified engagement. She is a pleasure to work with, and is an asset to any team/project!

Cindy Zanelli


Technology Services - AT&T

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Business problems are really just human problems.

  • Need to create a meaningful customer experience across channels or markets? I can help you create customer experience playbooks that lay out pragmatic creative guidelines, science-based frameworks that lead to consistent and persuasive messaging. 
  • Need to drive short-term sales? Let's talk marketing and customer experience effectiveness. I've helped optimize promotions like McDonald's Monopoly, reworked checkout/product/menu experience to make them frictionless, simplifying digital experiences and more.
  • Need to create or change customer habits? Let's talk about product and user experience design. With years of applying behavioral science and gamification to multiple user interfaces (mobile, VR, digital retail signage, Connected Car, web, wearables, Voice, and more), I can help you create an experience that drives habits, loyalty, and engagement.
  • Want to drive long-term loyalty and sales? Let's talk about how my approach can help you supercharge creative, drive positive customer emotions and memories,  and create more loyal, engaged customers.

How we can work together


  • When you need support for a single project for 3 months or less: For those who need a project lead or a subject matter consultant to add some spice to their marketing and customer experience strategies. 
  • Common deliverables include: CX Playbooks, customer journey maps, UX strategy, identifying holes in a "leaky bucket", analyzing existing creative journeys, or partnering with creative teams to develop science-led work.  


  • Need a new skillset? I can act as a hired gun to design and lead client and/or internal workshops inside your business. Commonly these are customer journey map, insight generation, and experience design workshops. 
  • Need a different brain in the room? I can partner with your business to contribute a behavioral science skillset to your workshops. 
  • Need to skill-up your own team or clients? I got you - check out my Training page here.


Retainer Engagements
  • When you need someone to support you for 3 months or more: For those who need longer-term behavioral science + CX support. 
  • Common deliverables include: Multi-phase or high-effort projects such as customer experience transformation, launching a new business or app, digital retail transformation, creation of a new kind of customer experience (digital drive thru for example), or continuous improvement projects.  

Want to learn more?

Drop me a line, or schedule an intro call now.

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