Is your website getting traffic

but not enough sales or leads?

What if you could quickly understand a customer's impressions of your brand, get rapid expert feedback, and immediately understand how to improve your experience with marketing psychology and behavioral science?

I'll help you create an optimization plan you can be confident in.

43-point CX Audit
Drive sales & retention
Build your brand for the long-term
43-point CX Audit
Drive sales & retention
Build your brand for the long-term

“The audit helped me see things I was blind to after two years of working on my business.

I wasn’t sure how much actionable advice we’d get from the session, but I shocked by how much we learned.

If you’re on the fence about hiring Jen and Choice Hacking to perform an audit, don’t wait...

Your money will be well spent.”

- Antony W. T., CEO and Founder 

What is a Website Audit?

Part expert review, part user research, and part diagnostic, I will record a 45-minute video of your experience and share my initial recommendations in an actionable 43-point report. 

Each audit will help you: 

  • ✅ Instantly understand flaws in your messaging, visuals, product pages, pricing, and design & information architecture
  • ✅ Quickly identify areas where marketing psychology and persuasive design can help your business accomplish its goals
  • ✅ Predictive AI analysis to help you objectively understand what users are noticing, and what they're missing

Your video and resources will be private and available only to you.

Here's what you get in an audit:

1. 45-minute video audit

This is an example of a Customer Experience Audit (for illustration purposes only - not a client)

2. 21-page PDF report

3. Miro board with visual insights and design suggestions

Check out more example audits - click here

$1000 USD 

(plus applicable local tax)

“The information is precise and focused on improving customer experience that speaks directly to behavior and psychology.

It's an aspect that technical SEO and marketing often misses in stats and graphs.

The video [was] very well done and watchable.

Actionable suggestions that are clearly communicated with examples.”

- Todd R., Bike Friday


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with the results of your customer experience audit,

I will personally refund 100% of your fee. 

"If you have a chance to hire Choice Hacking, do it before your competition does it.

I believe Jen is one of the top consumer experience and behaviour change experts in the business.

I worked closely with Jen on building a behaviour change and habit-forming product development strategy for our first digital therapy focused on women with obesity and eating disorders. I can say she was a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend her and Choice Hacking."

Michael Bidu, CEO MYND Therapeutics

How can a Website Audit help you?

✅ Affordable expert feedback

No matter the size of your brand, you can quickly get industry-leading feedback in a matter of minutes (without breaking the bank).

✅ See through your users' eyes

Is it difficult for users to see what they need to see? Is it hard for them to complete your most important tasks? Get honest feedback and actionable insight quickly.  

✅ Access to leading tools

Our salience tool, DragonflyAI, is industry-leading with accuracy independently certified by MIT. This tool is used by brands like LVMH, and Coca-Cola. Now you can get the same insight and analysis at a fraction of the cost.

Why Choice Hacking?

✅ Decades of Experience

✅ Evidence-based Approaches
✅ Advanced Tools & Frameworks
Experience with startups, scale ups, agencies, and Fortune 500 brands like: 

The Audit Process

Here's how we'll work together:

1. Purchase the Website Audit

Visit the checkout (above) and complete the process. Once your payment is complete you'll be sent to a page with a form so you can complete step number two.

2. Share Basic Information About Your Business

Tell me what you want me to review and your basic issues or challenges. Then share a link to the touchpoint (website, etc.), or provide a Miro board walk through. 

3. Get Video & Report in 3 Business Days

I'll be in touch in three business days or less with a link to your video. It's that easy!

Mark Bainbridge face

In scale up, all businesses lean on the guidance of a few select people, and as one of our most valued “friends of Dragonfly” Jen has been instrumental in our growth as a business.

We listen carefully when we have time with her, as her insights are second to none, always pragmatic and driven by her years of experience on both brand and agency sides of the fence.

Thank you Jen.

Mark Bainbridge, Co-founder DragonflyAI

What happens after an Audit is complete?

Great question! The most common next steps after an Audit include 

working with Choice Hacking to:

  • Conduct customer interviews and/or research
  • Kick off an optimization project (CRO, web, email, and/or mobile) 
  • Create personas and a customer journey map
  • Design a habit-forming UX strategy
  • Conduct a journey review to strengthen and simply messaging
  • And more...