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What if you could use Nobel prize-winning science to predict the choices your customers will make?


Customer and user behaviors can seem irrational. Shaped by mental shortcuts and psychological biases, their actions often appear random on the surface.

In Choice Hacking, you'll learn to predict these irrational behaviors and apply the science of decision-making to create unforgettable customer experiences.

Discover a framework for designing experiences that doesn't just show you what principles to apply, but introduces a new way of thinking about customer behavior. You'll finish Choice Hacking feeling confident and ready to transform your experience with science.

In Choice Hacking, you'll discover: 

  • How to make sure your customer experience is designed for what people do (not what they say they'll do)  
  • How to increase the odds that customers will make the "right choice" in any environment
  • How to design user experiences that drive action and engagement
  • How to create retail experiences that persuade and drive brand love 
  • How brands like Uber, Netflix, Disney, and Starbucks apply these principles in their customer and user experiences

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