Our careers can be confusing. 

We all need help once in a while.

Hi, I'm Jen. Nice to meet you! 😊

I'm the founder and managing director of Choice Hacking - I've also worked in marketing, innovation, and advertising for more than 15 years (as an entrepreneur, agency strategist, consultant, and client-side brand manager).

There have been so many times in my career where I wished I had someone I could call to work through issues, help me polish my work, or just give me a boost to let me know that yes, my ideas were good and I was doing just fine.

I'm here to help you go further, faster - learn the lessons it took me years to master in just a few weeks. Feel calmer, saner, and less frazzled at work. Get better work done, faster with an experience professional (me!) by your side. 

How I work with coaching clients:

Influence Skills Coaching for Leaders

This 12-week engagement is good for: 

  • De-mystifying influence, politics, and persuasion at work
  • Audit and build your own personal Power Base - a formal and informal network of relationships that help you get things done
  • Use tactics like role playing conversations, pre-influencing, messaging framing and stakeholder profiling.

Outcome: Expect to create tangible outcomes, improve your work, life, and management skills in measurable ways.

Marketing Coaching for Entrepreneurs

This 12-week engagement is good for:  

  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their marketing skills and grow their business.
  • Figure out which channels to use, if your messages are working, and what's holding back sales.
  • Figure out your buyers' psychological barriers, pain points, motivators. 
  • Help refining your proposition, messaging, marketing and brand.

Outcome: Expect to have a plan and a coach to guide you as you grow your business with marketing. 

Group Coaching for Freelancers & Solopreneurs

(Coming soon) This is a 12-week group coaching program for current, or future, freelance marketers and solopreneurs interested in growing their business. Group coaching is best for those who: 

  • Want to learn how to get more clients and better manage them. 
  • Want to connect to their peers for emotional and business support.
  • Need accountability for lead generation, marketing, sales, negotiation, and networking.

Outcome: Expect become more balanced, skilled, and effective with a tangible plan to succeed.

What Clients Have to Say

"When I started my coaching sessions with Jen, I was nervous. I wasn't sure one to one coaching would help me but I knew something had to change [at work]. I kept trying to convince people that my ideas were good and that they should be approved but I wasn't very successful.  

After a few sessions with Jen working to improve my presentation decks with behavioural science and AI, I noticed a difference right away. My boss even said I seemed more confident in my work (and the client noticed too). 

Thank you Jen." 

Rosie w.

"I was doubtful about Executive Coaching at first. It seemed like it was a bunch of vague nonsense. I was quickly proven wrong once we started our sessions [after my employer hired Jen].  

Engaging in role-play exercises, simulating challenging conversations and meetings was particularly helpful. This preparation was invaluable bolstering my confidence and equipping me for my most daunting of workplace challenges...

I now recommend Executive Coaching to all of my colleagues and direct reports."

greg c.

"In scale up, all businesses lean on the guidance of a few select people, and as one of our most valued β€œfriends of Dragonfly” Jen has been instrumental in our growth as a business.

We listen carefully when we have time with her, as her insights are second to none, always pragmatic and driven by her years of experience on both brand and agency sides of the fence.

Thank you Jen."