1-on-1 Coaching for 

Digital Marketers

  • Are you looking for ways to supercharge your digital marketing? 
  • Are you struggling with how to  apply behavioral science, psychology, or predictive AI in your work? 
  • Are you trying to get your group to adopt a new way of working?
  • Struggling to create presentations that present your work and persuade your audience?

Then 1-on-1 Coaching could be a good match for you. 

Work 1-on-1 with Choice Hacking founder, Jennifer Clinehens, to find your:




Our careers can be confusing. 

We all need help once in a while.

Hi, I'm Jen. Nice to meet you! 😊

I'm the founder and managing director of Choice Hacking - I've also worked in marketing, innovation, and advertising for more than 15 years (as an entrepreneur, agency strategist, consultant, and client-side brand manager).

There have been so many times in my career where I wished I had someone I could call to work through issues, help me polish my work, or just give me a boost to let me know that yes, my ideas were good and I was doing just fine.

I'm here to help you go further, faster - learn the lessons it took me years to master in just a few weeks. Feel calmer, saner, and less frazzled at work. Get better work done, faster with an experience professional (me!) by your side. 

Here's how I usually work with coaching clients:

Solving your toughest challenges with behavioral science and predictive AI

How can you apply behavioral science, psychology, and predictive AI in your work? I can work through your specific examples (happy to sign an NDA), help you craft narratives and presentations decks, and perfect the messaging around these tools in your business. 

Career Moves: Getting freelance clients, polishing your personal brand, or starting a business

Are you feeling stuck at work? Do you keep trying for that promotion and never getting it? Or do you feel like an even bigger change is in order? I can help you think clearly about your career or help you decide if the time is right to start your own business (or freelance). 

Making the move from agency to brand (and vice-versa)

Been there and done that. And honestly, it was pretty scary! Not many marketers have made the transition successfully from agency to brand or vice versa, but I can help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters. New to organizational politics? Need help handling big egos or getting noticed in a huge global agency? I can help. 

"When I started my coaching sessions with Jen, I was nervous. I wasn't sure one to one coaching would help me but I knew something had to change [at work]. I kept trying to convince people that my ideas were good and that they should be approved but I wasn't very successful.  

After a few sessions with Jen working to improve my presentation decks with behavioural science and AI, I noticed a difference right away. My boss even said I seemed more confident in my work (and the client noticed too). 

Thank you Jen."

- Rosie W. 

Pricing & Application

Although I would love to take on every one who approaches me for coaching, my schedule only allows for a limited number of coaching clients a year. I don't want to waste your time or mine, so I'll only work with those folks who I feel like would benefit from my experience (and who I'd learn from working with as well). 

Pricing starts at $200 USD per session, depending on the number of sessions we book and your location (I practice purchase power parity which will adjust my rates to your local currency and "purchasing power" as compared to the US dollar. This allows me to work with folks all over the world.)

To apply for coaching (it takes less than 2 minutes), please visit this link and book in a free chemistry session