1-on-1 Coaching for

leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs

  • Are you struggling with how to apply behavioral science, psychology, or predictive AI in your work (or sell it to clients)?
  • Are you trying to get your team or business to adopt a new way of working, or make a big change?
  • Struggling to create presentations that engage and persuade your audience?

Then 1-on-1 Coaching could be a good match for you. 

Work 1-on-1 with Choice Hacking founder, Jennifer Clinehens, to find your:




Our careers can be confusing. 

We all need help once in a while.

Hi, I'm Jen. Nice to meet you! 😊

I'm the founder and managing director of Choice Hacking - I've also worked in marketing, innovation, and advertising for more than 15 years (as an entrepreneur, agency strategist, consultant, and client-side brand manager).

There have been so many times in my career where I wished I had someone I could call to work through issues, help me polish my work, or just give me a boost to let me know that yes, my ideas were good and I was doing just fine.

I'm here to help you go further, faster - learn the lessons it took me years to master in just a few weeks. Feel calmer, saner, and less frazzled at work. Get better work done, faster with an experience professional (me!) by your side. 

How I work with coaching clients:

Solving your toughest challenges with behavioral science and predictive AI

How can you apply behavioral science, psychology, and predictive AI in your work?

I can work through your specific examples (happy to sign an NDA), help you craft narratives and presentations decks, and perfect the messaging around these tools in your business. 

Career Moves: Getting freelance clients, polishing your personal brand, or starting a business

Are you feeling stuck at work? Do you keep trying for that promotion and never getting it? Or do you feel like an even bigger change is in order?

I can help you think clearly about your career or help you decide if the time is right to start your own business (or freelance). 

Leadership & Change Management: Navigate big change with behavioral science

Is your organization making a big change? A digital, skills, or organizational transformation?

I can help you and or your organization create a plan to navigate any type of change with a behavioral science (and experience) backed approach. 

"When I started my coaching sessions with Jen, I was nervous. I wasn't sure one to one coaching would help me but I knew something had to change [at work]. I kept trying to convince people that my ideas were good and that they should be approved but I wasn't very successful.  

After a few sessions with Jen working to improve my presentation decks with behavioural science and AI, I noticed a difference right away. My boss even said I seemed more confident in my work (and the client noticed too). 

Thank you Jen."

- Rosie W. 

Pricing & Next Steps

Although I would love to take on every one who approaches me for coaching, my schedule only allows for a limited number of coaching clients a year. I don't want to waste your time or mine, so I'll only work with those folks who I feel like would benefit from my experience (and who I'd learn from working with as well). 

Pricing starts at $500 USD per session, depending on the number of sessions we book and the challenge we're tackling. 

To get started, just get in touch here - we'll book in a chemistry session where we can talk about your goals and needs, and see if we're a good fit.