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Jen clinehens

Managing Director

A recognized authority in applied behavioral science, Jennifer is the managing director of marketing and product design firm, Choice Hacking. She helps global businesses ethically apply behavioral science and psychology principles. 

You can find her popular podcast, Choice Hacking, on all major streaming platforms or look for her on Instagram at Choice Hacking or on YouTube at Grow Like the Greatest. 

Her book Choice Hacking: How to use Behavioral Science and psychology to create an experience that singswas recently named one of the "Best Behavioral Psychology Books of All Time" by Book Authority.

Popular topics include: 

  • How and why you should be using behavioral science in your customer experience work (marketing and product design). 
  • The Art and Science of Meaningful Customer Experiences (or, how creativity and behavioral science can work better together).
  • How brands like Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, Disney, IKEA, and more use behavioral science in their marketing and product design (knowingly or not). 
  • The ethics and dark side of behavioral science - what it is and how we can avoid it.
  • How content creators can use behavioral science and psychology to hook viewers and build an audience.

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I've also lent my expertise to content creators like YouTuber Safiya Nyagaard (10M+ subs). 

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