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From pitches to client presentations, leadership skills, and more.

Every team can benefit from having a little behavioral science in its back pocket.

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Who do we train?


As the guardians of your brand, it's important to understand how customers actually think, act, and behave. Learn how the power of behavioral science can help your team maximise every moment of your customer journey. Not only will you make decisions that help drive sales in the short-term, but also ensure that there's brand love for the long-term. 

CX + UX Teams

From increasing engagement to driving habits and better connecting digital and physical environments, behavioral science can help solve your thorniest user challenges. It doesn't matter if your team are retail specialists looking to augment the toolbox, or digital down to their DNA, behavioral science can help you better connect with customers. 

Marketing Agencies

Whether your speciality is brand, media, CRM or retail, we can help your work pack more of a punch, all while augmenting (not sacrificing) creativity. You might be working to increase awareness, onboard new customers, or drive loyalty through CRM and content - all these projects (and more) benefit from behavioral science.

Are you a remote or hybrid team? I got you.

Although trainings are available in person, most teams are now requesting virtual sessions. That's great news for me, because it means I'm available for more teams around the globe. With that in mind, each training I run has a remote and a live version, tailored to the unique requirements of each environment. 

Choice Hacking's most popular training, "The Art and Science of Creative Leadership" also includes optional modules that address the unique demands of remote and hybrid teams. 

How does it work?

When you work with Choice Hacking, you don't just get a boiler plate presentation - you get a bespoke approach build on a proven foundation. 

Schedule an intro call over Zoom

In this 15 minute intro call, we discuss your team and its unique requirements, so I can tailor the content to best fit your industry, market, team needs, and current business challenges. Click here to schedule an intro call now.

A variety of formats available

Half-day sessions (3 hours) and full-day sessions (6.5 hours) are available for each topic, as well as 1 hour "lunch and learn" style sessions. 

"Great workshop on Applied #behaviorScience and #choicehacking. Thank you... for the enriching and practical workshop. Eye-opening! 

Silvia G. 

EU Regional Digital Marketing Manager, Tesa

"I totally recommend her... so passionate and experienced."

"Thanks for #jenniferclinehens for a very interesting, interactive and concrete training and workshop on #behavioralscience and how to use it to improve our structure of choice and communications and help the consumer to find the right product for their DIY project."

Bruno D. 

Head of Marketing, Tesa 

"Thank you for the wonderful presentation today! It sparked good conversations afterward, and I'm sure it'll help BeSci become a more foundational part of our discussions and work.

It was great working with you!"

Amanda H. 

Senior Director of Operations, Signal Theory

What training courses do you offer?

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Behavioral Science for Business

Does your team have a basic awareness of nudges (like Social Proof, or Scarcity), but needs a more solid foundation? Have you had other behavioral science speakers introduce a long menu of tactics and random examples, without arming you with a process or framework for applying these principles in your business?

Then this is the training for you.

This session covers the foundations of applied behavioral science and psychology - but doesn't stop at key principles. We go beyond the basics with real-world examples, successful business applications, common mistakes when using these principles, and learning how behavioral science can supercharge creative. 

Depending on the length of the training you choose (full or half-day) teams leave with practical knowledge of:

  • 8-15 key behavioral science and psychology principles
  • 30 days of access to my Example Vault (with 200+ more real world examples)
  • Introduction to a holistic framework for applying these principles
  • Process for integrating these principles into a creative brief.

This training will be tailored to your team's level of knowledge and current business challenges / industry. 

Woman coaching team member

The Art and Science of Creative Leadership

Understanding how people think and act the way they do is imperative for leaders of all levels. Your team will leave this session with an understanding of how common errors in thinking keep us from building effective teams and making better decisions. Active participation and science-based frameworks will arm each member of the team with actionable tools to apply their learnings

[Please note] This training includes optional modules that deal with the psychological and behavioral challenges of remote / hybrid teams. 

designing journeys

Designing Persuasive Experiences

If your team is managing customer experiences - from apps to retail and everything in between - this session can help take your engagement to the next level. Focused on conversion-driven B2C journeys, this session presents a framework that will help transform sales, loyalty, and onboarding approaches through behavioral science.

This session is best suited for UX and CX teams, and a review of fundamental principles will ensure everyone starts from equal footing. Although not necessary, combining this session with Behavioural Science 101 makes for a compelling 1 to 2 day workshop

How to Craft Persuasive Pitches 

Ah, the pitch. Whether it's a business-as-usual creative presentation or the new business rodeo, understanding the science behind how clients think can give you an edge over the competition. Your team will leave this session with a better understanding of how to identify potential barriers to the sale, craft more persuasive stories, and win over clients and internal audiences.  

Not just another, "storytelling" session, How to Craft Persuasive Pitches combines the latest behavioral science, psychology, and neuroscience techniques to help you win more business from better clients. 

business pitch


When your team goes through a training program, they also get free access to the Choice Hacking site for 30 days, and 50% off the price of an annual membership. That includes access to all self-guided courses, the Example Vault, Content Vault, and other members-only benefits. 

That'll get your team excited (maybe not as excited as this guy, but hey - you do you). 

Schedule a 15 minute intro session below, or drop me a note via email. 

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