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Are you looking to inspire new skills and capabilities in your business? Maybe you want to get your team thinking about an old problem in a new way? Are you stuck in a rut with new business and need a fresh approach?

Choice Hacking can help.

"Great job today. I've heard so much positive feedback from our session!"

Clint Patterson, SVP & CMO of Pre-paid - T-Mobile

We work with teams of all shapes & sizes

Enterprise Marketing

As the guardians of your brand, it's important to understand how customers actually think, act, and behave. Learn how science can help you maximise every moment of your customer journey. 

UX, CX, Digital

From increasing engagement to driving habits and better connecting digital and physical environments, behavioral science can help solve your thorniest user challenges. 

Marketing Agencies

Whether your speciality is brand, media, CRM or retail, we can help your work pack more of a punch, all while augmenting (not sacrificing) creativity. 

"Thank you for the wonderful presentation today! It sparked good conversations afterward, and I'm sure it'll help BeSci become a more foundational part of our discussions and work.

It was great working with you!"

Amanda Hembree, VP Organizational Design - Signal Theory

Example Topics

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Applied Behavioral Science for Marketing Teams

[Our most popular training]

This session covers the foundations of applied behavioral science and psychology for marketing.  

We go beyond the basics with real-world examples, successful business applications, common mistakes when using these principles, and how behavioral science can supercharge creative work. 

This training gives your team a simple process and framework that makes using these principles easy - and integrates them into your existing ways of working.

Teams will leave this half-day training with practical knowledge of:

  • Foundational psychology and behavioral science principles for marketing
  • ✅ 12 key scientific principles and real-world examples
  • ✅ Introduction to a holistic framework for applying principles
  • ✅ The most common psychological & behavioral barriers
  • ✅ Introduction to a simple, but effective, framework for application

Each half-day training is personalized to your needs: 

  • ✅ Bespoke training tailored to your brand challenges and industry 
  • ✅ Customized to your process and needs including creative briefing and production process (including vendor management) 
  • ✅ Interactive session for up to 50 virtual or 25 in-person participants with small group work and discussion 

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The Science of Creative Leadership

Understanding how people think and act the way they do is imperative for leaders of all levels. Without an understanding of how people think, act, and decide, leading a team to creative greatness is nearly impossible. 

Your team will leave this session with an understanding of:

  • ✅ How common errors in thinking keep us from making better decisions.
  • ✅ How thinking traps can snare even the best teams.

Active participation and science-based frameworks will arm each member of the team with actionable tools to apply their learnings

[Please note] This training includes optional modules that deal with the psychological and behavioral challenges of remote / hybrid teams. 

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"I totally recommend Choice Hacking... so passionate and experienced.

Thanks Jennifer for a very interesting, interactive and concrete training and workshop on behavioral science and how to use it to improve our structure of choice and communications and help the consumer to find the

right product for their DIY project."

Bruno Derouet, Head of Marketing - Tesa

designing journeys

How to Create Persuasive Experiences

Focused on conversion-driven B2C journeys, this session presents a framework that will help transform sales, loyalty, and onboarding approaches through behavioral science.

This session is best suited for UX, CX, and CRM teams, and a review of fundamental principles will ensure everyone starts from equal footing.

Although not necessary, combining this session with Behavioural Science 101 makes for a compelling full-day workshop

business pitch

Creating Pitches That Win 

with Behavioral Science & Predictive AI 

Ah, the pitch.

Whether it's a business-as-usual creative presentation or the new business rodeo, understanding the science behind how clients think can give you an edge over the competition.

Your team will leave this session understanding how to:

  • ✅ Use the Winston Model to craft and present a pitch that clients remember and choose - with science, not guesswork
  • ✅ How to use predictive AI tools to ensure your messaging, insights, and story are clear and memorable
  • ✅ Winning over clients and stakeholders with proven persuasion principles 
  • ✅ How the culture of a company should change your pitch
  • ✅ Use the Seesaw Principle to create slides that convey complex information and plans, without making your clients' eyes glaze over 

This session combines the latest behavioral science, psychology, and neuroscience techniques and predictive AI tools to help you win more business from better clients.