Get closer to your customer.

Grow your business.

Work with me (Jen Clinehens) and Choice Hacking to harness the power of psychology, behavioral science, and AI to create marketing that makes your brand irresistible.

Dig into your buyers' deepest desires, fear, challenges, and goals to deliver customer experiences that work on a primal level across digital, physical, and omnichannel. 

Choice Hacking is trusted by:

We deliver solutions to your biggest pains and challenges:

Customer Insights Reports (Research)

We go deeper to uncover your customers' deepest desires, fears, challenges, and beliefs about your business and why they do (or don't) buy. 

Then we turn those insights into actionable next steps, use them to opportunity spot, and even prioritise them for your business. 

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Maps are a visual story about how people interact with your brand.

CJMs are like a bridge between your brand and your customers, empowering your business strategy, marketing, and product development roadmaps for years to come.


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Website Audit

An affordable first step into working with Choice Hacking.

Part expert review, part user research, and part diagnostic, I will record a 45-minute video of your experience and share my initial recommendations in an actionable 43-point report. 

Comms Audit
(Digital or Physical)

Want to know if your marketing communications are working (and how to make them more effective)?

The Choice Hacking Comms Audit can help figure out if your messaging, salience, design, timing, personalization is to blame. 

Free to Paid Conversion Audit

If you want to move customers on a trial or free plan into a paid product or service, you know it's not easy.

Luckily psychology, behavioral science, and AI are here to help in the form of a Free to Paid Conversion Audit.

Jen (myself) and Choice Hacking can figure out where your conversion journey is failing and give you a plan to fix it.

Bespoke Projects

Know you have a challenge or business problem but not sure which of these projects will best solve it?

Just schedule a quick Connection Call and tell me about your issues. I can then let you know if an existing project is the way to go or if you need something tailored to your specific problem.