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Choice Hacking:

How to use psychology and behavioral science to create an experience that sings

Supercharge your customer experience with the power of psychology and behavioral science

In Choice Hacking you'll learn:

  • How to increase the odds that customers will make the "right choice"
  • How to create experiences that persuade and drive action
  • How brands like Uber, Netflix, and Disney apply these principles in their customer and user experiences

Discover a framework for designing experiences that doesn't just show you what principles to apply, but introduces a new way of thinking about customer behavior.

You'll finish Choice Hacking feeling confident and ready to transform your marketing and customer experience with science, not guesswork.

How to Solve Impossible Problems:

A guide to the thinking tools of CEOs, philosophers, inventors, and billionaires

Solve impossible problems with proven approaches

No matter your field of expertise, every day you’re presented with seemingly impossible challenges. Issues that you or your company can’t seem to crack, even after weeks, months, or years of trying.

How do you approach these impossible challenges? Do you have a strategy that you follow, or do you just hold a brainstorming session and hope for the best? Do you tell yourself, “Think harder!” and pray inspiration will strike?

There’s a better way to solve problems like these — improve the quality of your thinking. 

Lucky for us, brilliant thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs, and philosophers — people like Elon Musk, Aristotle, Charlie Munger, Issac Newton, Ada Lovelace, Albert Einstein, Frederick Douglass, Maya Angelou, and Henry Ford — have left behind documentation, frameworks, and tools for considering impossible problems.

In "How to Solve Impossible Problems," author Jennifer L. Clinehens (Choice Hacking, CX That Sings) presents 7 such tools to improve our thinking and help us solve what feel like insurmountable challenges. In each chapter she gives specific, actionable advice, real-world examples, and in a free companion course (available February 15, 2022) provides worksheets to help apply each principle.

CX That Sings:

An introduction to Customer Journey Mapping

Create an experience that sings with a customer journey map

"CX That Sings" will guide you, step-by-step, through the customer journey mapping process. You’ll finish feeling ready to engage stakeholders and design a Customer Journey Map that makes an impact. 

In CX That Sings, you’ll discover: 

  • Actionable advice, checklists, and tactics that will make you confident to start journey mapping right away
  • Customer Journey Map Examples including eCommerce, Mixed Retail and Fast-Casual Dining
  • How to create user and customer personas, with examples, and a “how-to guide” for creating supporting user and customer personas
  • Free bonus material, including customer experience case studies
  • Free access to online resources

Courses & Webinars

Learn the basics of applied behavioral science and psychology with 100+ real-world examples and 20 of the most effective principles. 

If you're in a business that cares about customers, then you need to understand how think, feel, and act so your marketing will be more meaningful and effective.

This self-paced course will introduce you to practical concepts and real life examples of how to apply behavioral science and psychology to your marketing.

Learn how to create a customer journey map that improves your marketing and customer experiences (and doesn't just sit in a drawer). 

Get a glimpse inside your customers' heads and hearts... in just a few hours. 

In this course, you not only learn the basics of creating a journey map, you'll also learn the soft skills that make the difference between a making journey map that radically transforms the customer experience and one that gets tossed in a drawer.

Learn how to create a consistent and effective customer experience across multiple channels, using behavioral science and psychology.

Get inside your customers' heads with science, not guesswork.

In "How to Create Persuasive Experiences", you'll learn to apply behavioral science to create persuasive, conversion-focused experiences.
Stop using your gut and relying on best practice and start making evidence-based decisions that help you create more meaningful and effective customer experiences. 

Learn the seven foundational principles of persuasion and how to apply them to sales and marketing communications.

Get to "yes" faster with the power of psychology and behavioral science.

This self-paced course introduces you to the science of psychological persuasion, so your marketing communications will be more meaningful and effective.